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20 April 1988
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Sounds and music basically take up my unused brain clock cycles. I love to hear modular synthesizers used in a musical fashion (and, sometimes, in a completely atonal manner). I like lots of different types of electronic music (well, except for crud like happy hardcore, jpop, stuff like that). Experimental sounds make me happy... Industrial music (be it old-school or modern technoid and whatnot) is beautiful.

I like photography... I tend to focus on digital photography, but I have a soft spot for the Holgas of the world.

I like to read cyberpunk sci-fi, medical nonfiction, 1960's counterculture history, books on subcultures, glossy books of architecture, some 'literature'... I like tons of different types of movies, ranging from the beautiful 'Baraka' to the disturbing 'Eraserhead,' and everything in between.

I'm not terribly spiritual, but I love to fantasize about alternative realities and universes (all without the aid of psychedelics-- Imagine that). I love to stare at mind-bending computer-generated visuals and get lost in their patterns.

Deep primeval forests, pure deserts, snowy mountain passes, glacial valleys, and untouched beaches are the places that I think about right before I fall asleep. Sometimes I dream about rusty factories, unused tunnels, storm drains, and abandoned hospitals.
Oh, and I was prom king.